Surviving any Wedding Show!

January and February are certainly the biggest months for Wedding Shows across Ontario, and here in Windsor is no exception. After the holidays, and many engagements, it is a first chance for newly engaged couples, and their entourages to step out and start the planning process. It is also a chance for couples who have been engaged for a few months to finish up their checklist of vendors, to ensure everything is in place for the Big Day.

I’ll tell you a secret before we go any further - wedding shows can be very overwhelming, with a large array of vendors, lots of noise, and LOTS of brochures to go through once you get home. That being said, they are also exciting - lots of energy from excited vendors to meet you, and it really makes the whole process seem real, so enjoy the moment!

I’ve created a little guide to help make things easier, as you begin heading to Wedding Shows in the next few weeks.


Do Your Research

I always recommend scouring social media, blogs and websites of local vendors in the area that really appeal to the style of wedding you are looking to have. From there, you can see if they will be attending the shows, where this is a great place to meet and chat about your Big Day. On the Wedding Show day itself, you can find out where these vendors are, and go visit them with a purpose.

Be Prepared

Lots of vendors host giveaways or allow you to sign up for email subscriptions, and writing your name and email hundreds of times can get tiring. To be prepared, we always recommend creating labels with the following information: Your Full Name, Email, Phone Number and Potential Wedding Date. Some wedding shows are hopping onto this trend of providing you with labels if you Pre-Register, but it’s still a great thing to do on your own if you forgot to register in advance.

Another little tip I do recommend is to create your own Wedding Email. This is where all of your information can be stored for your Big Day, without interfering with all of your personal emails. Just keeps things simple, which we are all about!

Take Notes & Pictures

Decorators and Florists especially, really create some incredible booths at the Wedding Show. If you are loving what you are seeing, or even parts of a display, take some photos, or make note of who provides those rentals. This will help you narrow down your search of what you like and don’t like when it comes to planning the vision of your Big Day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Vendors are happy to chat with you about your Big Day - that’s why they are there! Be sure to inquire if your desired date is available before falling too in love with any vendor. In today’s society, some vendors are already completely booked for the current year, and only booking into the following year.

If you have questions about whether vendors have worked at your particular venue etc. this is a great chance to ask those questions!

Have some Fun!

Wedding Planning can seem overwhelming, but grab your girls, or your guys, or a few family members and enjoy the moment! Wear comfortable shoes, have a good meal before you come and have some fun!