There is no doubt in our mind that our wedding was as amazing as it was, because of Aubyn. She was an integral part of our day and we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy every minute leading up to our wedding without her being there and guiding us along the way. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and that nothing got in the way of us enjoying our day. There were multiple instances throughout our planning process were we just shook our heads because we couldn’t believe the tasks she was taking on to help us feel less burdened.

 She is calm, collected, organized and the friendliest person you will ever meet. She made sure our day went as smoothly as possible and continued to check in with us and even grab us drinks! There aren’t enough words to explain how grateful we are for Aubyn. She allowed us, and all of our family and friends to enjoy the days leading up to and the wedding day as well. The proof is truly in the pudding for hiring Aubyn and our day went off without a hitch (that we know of) and everything we talked and imagined for the day became a reality thanks to all of her hard work.

 We have stayed true to our one piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding – call Little Bird Event Co.! 

-Alyssa & Alex


Hiring Little Bird Wedding and Event Co. was the best decision Austin and I made when planning our wedding. First of all, we got to actually enjoy being engaged. I really believe that hiring Aubyn is not only a good decision for your wedding planning, it’s an incredibly valuable decision for your marriage. Isn’t that the most important thing? Because we did not spend our time wedding planning stressed out, we were able to keep the focus on our relationship and this allowed us to step into marriage on strong footing. Every time we weren’t sure of something or needed help, we had Aubyn to turn to. She kept us organized, on schedule, on budget, and presented us with solutions when we weren’t sure what to do. The process of working with her leading up to the wedding was seamless, really fun, and there wasn’t a time that I didn’t have complete trust in her and her abilities. Even though we grew close and all became friends, she remained always professional and her high level of service never dimmed. She was always happy to see us, and her enthusiasm for our day never changed. She truly has a skill for making you feel so important and special, and I think that’s a huge part of why she’s so successful at what she does. Honestly, after the wedding I told Austin that I was sad that we wouldn’t be seeing her so regularly anymore! This girl is a bright light.

The day of our wedding was absolutely magical. I fully anticipated that (realistically) little things would go wrong here and there throughout the day. To my surprise, nothing did. I later learned that, of course, small things did go wrong. But none of it reached us because Aubyn was working hard behind the scenes to handle everything. Many of our guests later commented on how exceptional Aubyn is at what she does. She’s someone you instantly like and trust. And as we walked down the aisle as a newly married couple, I actually burst into tears when I spotted Aubyn because the gratitude I felt towards her hit me so fiercely.

As the day went on, we followed the timeline that she had helped us create. I think it was another thing that ensured that we had the best day ever, because although I have always heard about how fast a wedding day flies by, to me time felt very slow and intentional. At one point I even checked the time and was so surprised to see how much of the day we had left! It was a beautiful day that she laid out for us which allowed us to have fun, be present, and focus on what was important to us. When it was time for the day to be over, Aubyn completely took care of the tear down, which I loved because the wedding party could just continue to focus on having a good time and enjoying the night. She made sure everyone got home safely (and that we didn’t forget our leftover wedding cake!)

The next morning, Aubyn was at our house dropping off decorations, leftover flowers, and even a personal gift for us which was just above and beyond anything I ever expected. At this point, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised because throughout the entire process she always went above and beyond. I could definitely write another page on all of the things she did for us, but I’ll just end with this - from giving us travel tips for our honeymoon to helping us pull of the perfect day, Aubyn is the real deal. She’s genuine, down to earth, and more organized than I could ever hope to be. While helping you pull off the most beautiful day, she’s also going to support decisions that make sense for you as a couple. Her knowledge, expertise, and the sunshine she brings to the process are worth everything and more. If I could give every engaged couple one bit of advice, it would be this - make a good decision for yourself and for your fiancé, and book Aubyn. You deserve to enjoy this special time in your life. You deserve to kick off your marriage in the absolute best possible way. We absolutely love Little Bird and would highly recommend her services to anyone.

-Rachel & Austin

Hands down, hiring Aubyn was the best decision we made during the planning of our wedding. She made sure she was available to us for anything and everything in the weeks leading up to our wedding, even calming us down during a late night call in a moment of panic! Knowing she was on our side and working tirelessly for us made the stress of planning a wedding melt away. 

Aubyn was there from the early morning hours until the very bitter end on the day of the wedding, jumping in, in whatever way she could. She was a decorator, coordinator, time manager, assistant florist and assistant photographer all in one tiny, amazing package! She was there for us in every way imaginable that day, and all of our family and friends commented on how great she was! She even called in her spouse for extra helping hands, going above and beyond to ensure that everything went perfectly.  Thanks to Aubyn, our wedding day was absolutely perfect and we would encourage all future brides and grooms to bring Aubyn on board to ensure your day goes perfectly too!! 

-Amy & Phil

Aubyn is the best!! We really enjoyed working with her. She is thoughtful, organized, dependable and calm. We originally hired a wedding coordinator because we were planning our wedding from abroad and thought we might need some extra help. Looking back, hiring Aubyn was singlehandedly the best investment of the day. Aubyn really went above and beyond our expectations. She kept in contact with us in Brazil and helped keep us on track with everything that needed to be done. We thought we were organized beforehand, but there were many details that we had overlooked that Aubyn kindly brought to our attention. She was there for anything that we needed throughout the wedding planning process, as well as on our wedding day. If there were any problems, my husband and I did not hear about any of them. We were able to be fully present the entire day since we knew that everything was under Aubyn’s watchful eye. Aubyn made sure every detail of our wedding day was perfect. It truly was the best day of our lives. We cannot thank her enough for all of her help and support.

-Deanna & Rudi

 Well, after a year of planning and an incredible day, we can look back at the remarkable impact that Aubyn had on our journey. We weren’t sure how to describe the role that she played in our wedding and the best title that we could come up with was Fairy Godmother. Throughout the whole process she was caring, available and attentive to our needs. She listened to our vision and was able to help us create everything that we had imagined. 

With her calm and reassuring attitude, she was able to guide us through all the little details that you wouldn’t think of. Every time we weren’t sure about what to do or stuck with some sort of decision, she was able to jump in and help us move forward. Everything was just easier with her by our side, she went way beyond all our expectations. In the crazy world of Weddings, she was our safe place! If you are hesitating about hiring this wonderful women, the answer is yes. Thanks so much for everything!

-Marie & Lee

Aubyn was seriously one of the best investments we made during our wedding process! She knew our wedding inside and out better than my husband and I! She was so organized, kind, dependable and very relaxed which really helped us out when the wedding planning became stressful. She was extremely easy to get a hold of by text, phone call or email. She kept us in check through our engagement ensuring we were achieving everything we wanted to. About a month before she definitely worked her magic and had all of our ducks in a row! Weeks and days leading up to our wedding we had zero stress—all thanks to Aubyn! The day of the wedding she wore more than just a wedding coordinator hat. She was our bartender at one point, our seamstress, problem solver, our personal clock—you name it! The amount of time and effort Aubyn put into our day was nothing short of amazing and we cannot thank Aubyn enough for all of her hard work. Our day would have never went so smoothly without her!

-Nicole & Ethan

Hiring Little Bird Event Co. to coordinate our backyard wedding was the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Aubyn was so full of great ideas and did not hesitate to share her thoughts when we reached out for guidance. Our wedding day was hot and humid but Aubyn remained cool the entire time! We had a lot of rain which provided a lot of extra work for Aubyn and her team and we are so appreciative of all the work that they did. We will be recommending Little Bird Event Co. to all of our family and friends because we could not be happier with the service we received.

Meagan & Yousef


It is really difficult to put into words how amazing Aubyn is at what she does. I thought I had the wedding in lock down, I thought I was organized. I didn't know what organized was until I met with Aubyn. She thought of things I never would have thought about and very easily missed. Her lists and schedules were so unbelievably useful and made preparing for the day much less stressful! She was so easy to contact and always available for questions and concerns and emergencies. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable. My parents and wedding party repeatedly commented on how helpful and wonderful Aubyn was on the Big Day. 

However, a week and a half before the Big Day, I got sick and Aubyn became invaluable. It is stressful enough to deal with illness, but having to stay in the hospital while you are trying to pull together a wedding is a nightmare. I thank my stars that I had Aubyn, or my wedding probably would have had to be postponed. She jumped right in and took over and was so good at working with the vendors and mitigating as much stress as she could so I could concentrate on getting better.     

To say that Aubyn went above and beyond for my husband and I, is an understatement. She literally saved my wedding. My wedding was beyond perfect and most importantly, thanks to Aubyn, I got to actually be present and enjoy it. I cannot recommend Aubyn enough. If you want to actually enjoy your wedding and have the day of your dreams, you need Little Bird Event Co.!

                                                                                                                     -Andrea & Trevor

Booking Aubyn was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The time and effort she dedicates to her clients is nothing short of amazing. She made all my wedding dreams come true . The day went by flawlessly due to her organization and time management skills. Her sweetness, care ,and attention to detail shines in her work. The day would not of been the the same without Little Bird Wedding & Event Co.!

-Gianna & Mitchell

Aubyn was an integral part of our wedding. When we met Aubyn, we had very little done in the way of planning. Aubyn went above and beyond to help keep us on track and get our event planned to the finest of details. My husband and I had no experience with wedding or event planning and there were countless details we would never thought of without Aubyn. Not only did Aubyn get us on track with the big decisions - she directed our attention to the little things and gave us personalized input. She made efforts to get to know us and this made the process seamless. We are so grateful we met Aubyn - she is the reason our wedding was over and above what we could have ever imagined. We have received a great deal of feedback about how perfect the day was; we owe so much of this to Aubyn, her attention to detail and her dedication to the event as a whole. We consider Aubyn to be an absolute blessing - we would have been lost without her! Thank you Aubyn for bending over backward to make our wedding the best day of our lives. 

-Rachel & Tim

Our perfect day would seriously have not been the same without Aubyn. To say she is a lifesaver is the biggest understatement. Leading up to the wedding Aubyn was a personal consultant on all of our important decisions, and was available for all questions no matter how silly. Aubyn helped organize all of our vendors, coordinated with our venue, and stepped up to help deal with conflicts without hesitation. She is incredibly professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Her attention to detail is also incredible!! Quick example; My wife and I were panicking looking for our closing speech and I RUN from the head table to Aubyn to ask for a copy to which she replies “Oh, it’s under your seat cushion”. I was seriously floored by how seamless Aubyn made our special day and I would recommend her 10 out of 10 times. We cannot say enough good things about her and our wedding guests loved her as well! A running hashtag on a lot of our wedding guests photos were #AubynForMVP! Thank you for everything Aubyn, you made our perfect day worry free and it allowed us to soak in the special moments with each other for which we will always be grateful.

-Julia & Dustin

When I first decided to choose Aubyn as our wedding planner I didn't quite realize how thankful I was about to be. At first it started that I would look forward to her monthly emails of tips leading up the wedding! But as the wedding got closer, I was quickly blown away at just how much Aubyn did for us! From endless emails and phone calls at all times of the day. She kept me calm in stressful situations and made sure every vendor was confirmed and prepared for the Big Day! When that big day finally came rolling around, I realized just how blessed I was to have her! She made sure everyone knew what they had to do and where they had to be exactly when they had to be there! Including myself! We are so thankful for everything Aubyn has done for us, she is truly an incredible person! I would HIGHLY suggest her to anyone who is getting married. I couldn't have imagined our Big Day without her!

-Corina & Paul

My wife and I recently had the biggest day of our life. Our day was perfect, and everything was flawless from start to finish. The weather even held off for the day! Looking back, it wouldn’t have been this way without the work of Aubyn and her team at Little Bird Wedding and Event Co. We were speechless when we saw all the hard work put in over the past year come to fruition. The amount of coordination required to pull off an outdoor wedding was something we underestimated. The number of vendors dealt with, their contracts, details that required so much attention, and the day’s schedule of events would not have been possible without Aubyn. She is a consummate professional. She is passionate about her work. She is kind. She is caring. She is organized and attentive to the point that you feel as if you are her only client. We could not picture our day being so perfect and complete without Aubyn and her team. She is the person you need on your biggest day. We would recommend her to family and friends without reservations and cannot wait to continue to watch her and her team create many more magical days like ours!

-Chris and Danielle

Aubyn has been nothing short of amazing during the final stages of planning and pulling off a great day. She is easily accessible by text, email or calling, with quick response times, even for silly questions. The day went incredibly smooth and I know that is because Aubyn took care of things for myself, husband, bridal party and parents, so we could fully enjoy the day. In a heartbeat I would hire Aubyn for event planning and coordination again. She truly did an awesome job on the most important day of our lives. Thank you again Aubyn!  

 -Jena & Mick