Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends vary so much year to year, and it’s always fun keeping up with the trends and forecasting what is next! Many couples are shying away from large wedding cakes, and opting for alternatives such as Donuts, croque en bouche, or even dessert cups. They may still have a small six or eight inch cake for cutting - because how cute is that photo!? - but then opt to save that for their One Year Anniversary or even breakfast the next morning.

For those lovers of cake, here are a few trends for 2019 that we are sure to see lots of, and I cannot wait!

Floating Tiers Cake

Adding a completely new element to a cake is a great way to make your dessert table unique. We love the geometric shapes, and florals to separate the layers. This is a great way to incorporate real cake layers, with fake, without confusing guests or those cutting the cake as well.

Lots of Texture

2019 is going to be a year of texture, not only in the cake department. From linens to backdrops, and everything in between, we are loving the look of velvets, gauze, and other varying textures that create a new dimension to decor. When it comes to cake, we are loving all of the unique ways couples are choosing to make their cake unique using texture - adding elements of edible detailing, creating varying shapes, and feather-like details - we cannot wait to see more! We also love the deckle-edge look this year as well, and that texture is really beautiful.

Single Tier

For those cake lovers who want something a little more simple, we are always lead back to the classic single-tiered cake, but with a twist. There are so many fun ways of doing these single tiered cakes - from the classic naked style, to adding texture with detailing + adding fresh florals, or even more desserts on top. We are always a fan of this classic look, and love to know that no cake is going to waste.