A Little Thank You For Your Biggest Fans!

How do you say thank you to your biggest fans, your number one support team, your parents? It can feel nearly impossible to sum up how much love, gratitude and appreciate you have for them, especially after all their help leading up to your wedding day! Chances are they have done everything you’ve asked them to, and even a bit more. 

Well, here at Little Bird we are going to try and make the impossible possible. We have curated a list of some unique and thoughtful wedding gift ideas they will absolutely love.

Check out our favourite ideas below!

A forever thank you card

In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to say thank you is writing it down. There is no doubt your parents will cherish this simple gesture of a small note or card for the years to come! We suggest making your words even more memorable by framing it. This is an easy and cost friendly DIY project that won’t take long to finish and will leave your parents speechless.

An anniversary to remember 

Show your parents how much their love inspires you and your partner by celebrating their anniversary. A beautiful and unique way of showing your appreciation is giving the gift of stars through The Night Sky. Not only is this gift incredibly beautiful but you can customize it by including a small thank you note at the bottom of the print! 


For those happy tears

If there is anything we can guaranteed will happen on your wedding day, it’s a lot of crying! Not only is this an emotional day for you and your partner but one for your parents as well! Gift your parent a one of a kind embroidered handkerchief to say thank you and to catch all those happy tears. We especially love the idea of including a lyric from the song you play during your Mother or Father dances! Find this incredibly cute keepsake on PeoniesandBells Etsy page. 


Just for Mom

How do you narrow down the perfect thank you gift for someone who deserve everything in the world?! Well we think we have found it. Alongside a thoughtful thank you card, a personalized initial mother and daughter necklace set have totally stolen our hearts. Naksham on Etsy has the sweetest set that will remind you of your Mom as much as it will remind her of you, every time you wear it. Additionally, you can buy a single necklace just for her with both your initials on it! 


Just for Dad 

Finding a thank you gift for your Dad can be hard, like really hard. Skip the sports memorabilia and go for something sentimental. Our favourite gift for Dad? A personalized set of cufflinks. Not only is this small gift extremely thoughtful but it will have him looking extra sharp in all those wedding day photos. Check out OrientAppeal on Etsy, where they even make cufflinks with your own handwriting on them! 


For the Step-Parents

Including your step-parents in your wedding can some times seem a little tough but it is so important to! Show them your love and gratitude by gifting them one of these stunning frames from RusticReflectionsDS on Etsy. Include your most favourite picture of you and your step-parent together. The quote alone will leave them feeling loved and appreciated.


No matter how you say thank you, your parents will appreciate it! Seal it in an envelope or wrap it up with a bow, we promise that they will treasure whatever gift you give them for the rest of their lives.

Written by Madeline Silveira