Name Change Checklist

You are a newlywed - congratulations! Now comes the time to change your name, and make everything official and legal! Here is a checklist of places where your name will need to be changed.


  • Social Security Number

  • Service Ontario - Driver’s License, Car Title and Registration

  • Health Card

  • Passport

  • Canada Revenue Agency

  • Citizen Card or Permanent Resident Card

Work and Employment

  • Health Insurance

  • Benefits

  • Email

  • Business Cards

  • ID Card

  • Directory Listings

  • Pension

  • Unions

  • Professional Organizations

  • Professional Licenses

Banking and Finance

  • Bank Accounts (at all applicable banks)

  • Investments (sharing holding and investment accounts)

  • Retirement Savings Plan

  • Credit Cards and Store Cards

  • Property Titles, Deeds, or Trusts

  • Loans - Auto, School, or Personal

  • Insurance Policies

  • Update your Will and advise your Attorney of this change

  • Life Insurance


  • Homeowner’s or Renters Insurance

  • Landlord

  • Utilities (gas, water, power, electric)

  • Homeowners Association or Management Agency

  • Phones - Personal and Landline

  • Cable

  • Auto Insurance


  • Doctor

  • Dentist

  • Ob-Gyn

  • Therapists, Counselors

  • Eye Doctor

  • Local Pharmacy

  • Veterinarian/ Micro-Chip Company


  • Subscriptions

  • Memberships - Gym, etc.

  • Loyalty Reward Programs - Airmiles, etc.

  • Road Toll Accounts

  • Alumni Association

  • Voicemail

  • Church or Religious Organizations

  • Online (Ebay, PayPal, etc.)

  • Children’s Schools

  • Social media

Once again, congratulations on becoming a newly married couple! We hope this list helps as you start the Name Change Process. It does take a lot of time, and some may have other places to contact, but we hope this can lead you in the right direction!