Get The Girls Together! 3 Fun Pre-Wedding Activities for your Bridesmaids

It's official! You have chosen your Bridesmaids and asked them to stand beside you on your Big Day. Now what, you may ask?! 

In many situations your Bridesmaids are coming from all stages in your life - childhood, high school, college or work colleagues - and may not have met each other before. We think it is a great time to get your Bride Tribe together to celebrate, mingle and get to know each other before all of the Wedding Festivities commence. Today we are breaking down THREE great ideas to bring everyone together in a casual way!

Photo Courtesy of  Eryn Shea Photography

Photo Courtesy of Eryn Shea Photography

1. Host a Wine & Cheese Night - This is sometimes the easiest way to make everyone feel comfortable. If you have the space to allow it, invite all the ladies over to your home and just enjoy a low-key evening with wine and cheese! We highly recommend having The Cheese Bar deliver some cheesy goodness for the perfect charcuterie sampler. Add in some local wines for pairing, and it is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

2. Set Up A Floral Workshop - Looking for a fun evening activity that is a little unique to what you are used to? It's time to call up Stef from The Bourbon Rose to arrange a Floral Workshop that is in the comfort of your own home! Let your ladies create some floral masterpieces - bouquets, arrangements or even flower crowns!

3. Get Dressed Up & Go Out - If you are more of a foodie, or love to try new spots, this is a great excuse for your girls to get dressed up for an evening out. You can even rent a car for the evening through VIP Transportation to ensure you get home safely. Book a reservation at one of the areas greatest restaurants, including Oxley Estate Winery, Wolfhead Distillery or Fourteen on the Water Front. 

Making your girls feel special is always appreciated, and makes for a fun evening together. Break the ice for those who have not met yet, and get the chance to tell your girls how much they really mean to you!