5 Tips For A Successful Wedding Dress Appointment

You have the ring, you may have a date, and you are READY to go wedding dress shopping! We always recommend researching local boutiques and shops, checking their hours, and making appointments in advance. Here are five more helpful tips that will help make the appointment itself run smoothly. 

Aubyn Arlene Wedding-Mastronardi Formals-0004.jpg

1. Research & Have A Vision In Mind

Although you may have pinned and saved a bunch of photos of your dream wedding dress, be sure you have an idea of what you are looking for, and what suits the style and theme of your Big Day. It is so important that if there is a specific dress you want to try on, to call ahead and see if the boutique carries that particular gown, or designer. 

2. Give Yourself an Ample Amount of Time

Whether you have your date set or not, it is so important to keep in mind ordering deadlines with the Bridal Shops. For most dresses, you are looking at a four to six month timeframe from ordering to delivery. If you are having your gown handmade, you could be looking at a timeline of anywhere from six to ten months. Also consider that once the dress has arrived, the timeframe for alterations may vary from six to eight weeks.

3. Choose Your Attendees Wisely

We know you love ALL your girls, and your family + your Soon-To-Be family as well, but when it comes to dress shopping, make sure you only invite those who you are comfortable receiving opinions from. This is a BIG decision, and everyone has an opinion, so being confident in those that are coming with you is so important!

4. Know Your Budget

Have a number in mind going in, and be sure to let the Shop Assistant know this number right off the bat. This will not only help the Assistant when selecting gowns for you to try, but it will also keep things within reason. 

5. Be Open!

Although you may have a clear vision in mind, stay open to other options. For me, the dress I chose was the complete opposite of everything I had originally wanted. When I saw it on the rack, I thought "Nope, not going to happen." And then I put it on...and fell in love. I was open to the idea of trying new styles, and I'm so glad I did.