Christmas Wedding Giveaways

Christmas weddings are absolutely magical and breathtaking. We are getting all giddy just thinking of the beautiful decor ideas including twinkle lights, and the festive dishes couples could serve up your meals on this time of year. To stay true to season, we found two adorable giveaways for Christmas weddings that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

First, an-all time classic - a snow globe with a golden twist. Instead of snow falling, there will be even more glamour, as gold confetti falls atop of the trees inside. This is great for guests of all ages and can be personalized with stickers with sayings such as, “We’re fawn’ed of you!” if you choose to put tiny reindeer in your snow globe.

The second takeaway we created is a more eco-friendly alternative, festive for all Winter Weddings! Not only are you providing guests with the opportunity to plant a tree, but it also allows them to remember your wedding for years to come. You can also adorn the little bags with a thank you stating something like, “Please be green, and plant a tree.”


Two cute and unique ideas to what you normally see as a guest takeaway. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!