The Wedding Favour Lowdown

We all have been to weddings with sweet and thoughtful favours that we think, "Yes, of course I will use that!" only to find it two years later in the back of our closet. Today on the blog we are breaking down some ideas that are really great for wedding favours that we are sure your guests will use and enjoy!


Lots of Brides are looking for DIY options when it comes to favours. Not only can these feel more personal, but they also can be more cost-effective. Here are a couple DIY ideas that really are easy and you know guests will enjoy.

  1. Coffee or Tea Packages. Purchasing little bags to hold your favourite coffee beans or loose leaf tea is a simple way for your guests to have something to bring home to help them refresh the next morning! We found an adorable example thanks to Inspired By This.
  2. Sugar Cookies. These are simple, affordable and ultimately delicious! Plus, you can find adorable stamps or letters to personalize the cookies with a quote or even your names. The cookies featured in the photos are stamped using these adorable letters found on Amazon.
  3. Herb Salt. Much more cost effective than spices, this can be made in bulk quickly and looks adorable! These can be put in your guest's kitchen and used throughout their meal prep. We found a great recipe through Style Me Pretty. 

Order in Bulk

Some brides just don't have the time to DIY favours, and we totally get that! Here are a few inexpensive favours that can be ordered online and are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

  1.  Bottle Openers. A useful item for all of your guests in their own home. We love these because they are generic, and completely adorable! These LOVE Bottle Openers can be purchased through Beau Coup
  2. Travel Candles. A great option for guests who are travelling, these can fit right into their luggage with no great loss of space. These are always nice to have on hand in your home! We found these adorable ones through Simply Curated. 
  3. Mini Cakes. Guests love food favours, there is no doubt about it! As some couples are resorting to not having cakes at their weddings, they may in turn provide mini cakes for their guests. We found these adorable options through Bobette & Belle. 


Becoming increasing popular amongst couples is to choose to provide a donation in lieu of wedding favours. Choosing a charity or foundation close to their hearts, is a great way to take the money that was going to be spent on favours and putting it towards a great cause is a wonderful idea!

We hope this helps as you start to think about what you would like to do for wedding favours. With so many vaulable resources such as Etsy, the possibilities are endless! Best of luck Little Birdies!